Reach Beyond the Stars- Student Booklets

I just picked up my order of the student booklets for the Reach Beyond the Stars program. They look so good!


I thought I would share my printing instructions to my printer in case you wanted to do your booklets like these. (Other options include comb binding and 3-hole punch for binders)

Saddle stitch staple binding

Front cover- Reach Beyond the Stars Student BkCover.pdf

Inside cover- Planet Practice Chart.pdf

(Inside pages will be back to back…)

Page 1- Reach Beyond the Stars Advancement Log.pdf

Page 2- Reach Beyond the Stars Mission Overview.pdf

Page 3-5- Mission Assignments.pdf

Page 6+ (however many weeks you have lessons in your studio…) Reach Beyond the Stars Assignment Sheet.pdf

Back inside cover- Attitude Poster with Music Border.pdf (page 2 only) (This is a free file you can download here. I always include it every year.)

Back cover- 2014-2015 Foxx Piano Studio Calendar.pdf (I also include a studio calendar every year for my students)


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Milestone Celebration!


Whoohoo! I’m excited to announce that I have officially reached my first TpT milestone. I have reached and surpassed 100 followers! Thank you so much if you are one of them! To celebrate I will be giving a two-part freebie. One will be posted on Facebook for all my Facebook fans and TpT followers. The 2nd one will only be posted for TpT followers. This is something you will be able to use with the first freebie, so if you are not a follower yet, I am giving you advance notice to follow by tomorrow morning because once the note goes out, it only goes out to my current followers. TpT followers be sure to check your TpT inbox tomorrow morning for your freebie! (It will be available in my store- but free for TpT followers)

I will post the first freebie on Facebook later today. I’m taking my daughter to hopefully get her license. It was a two hour wait when we tried Friday so we are trying again today, hopefully with better luck. Then later this afternoon I’ll share the freebie. Tomorrow I’ll post the TpT freebie to give others a chance to join in.

Thank you for making this celebration happen!


Winner for The Young Musician’s Guide to Songwriting


We have a winner! The lucky recipient who will receive a copy of The Young Musician’s Guide to Songwriting is…




Congratulations Rhoda, Lisa should be contacting you soon. Thank you Lisa for the giveaway!

This book is a great resource that would be valuable for all teachers and their students who enjoy creating their own music. You can purchase The Young Musician’s Guide to Songwriting as a paperback or kindle edition here. Be sure like The Young Musician’s Guide to Songwriting on Facebook too!


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The top 3 reasons to follow FPSResources on TpT

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Review: Venturing Beyond

While searching for suitable repertoire for several of her older beginning students and realizing that the literature she was seeking was not available, Nicole DiPaolo developed the pieces that make up, Venturing Beyond.

Venturing Beyond is a collection of Baroque, Classical, and Romantic-style compositions in uncommon keys for late novice to early intermediate pianists of all ages. The collection includes 10 pieces written in sharp keys and 10 pieces written in flat keys.

Nicole was looking for musically rich, yet listener friendly repertoire with very modest technical demands. Because many of her beginners had previous experience with other instruments she wanted pieces in various tonalities that would challenge their already strong reading skills.

Nicole Elyse DiPaolo

In 2013, Nicole began her present collection and received positive feedback and encouragement from her teenage/adult beginner students to continue. In 2014, Venturing Beyond was officially published.

It was a pleasant experience playing through the Venturing Beyond collection. The collection is true to the Baroque, Classical and Romantic style of compositions. I always appreciate it when a collection of music includes notes from the composer on each piece. I think it is very helpful to know what the composer had in mind when they wrote a piece. Nicole gives a brief background on how the piece should be played and also includes the skills that are used in this piece. This is especially helpful for teachers.

I included a sample of a few pieces so you can get a feel of the level of this collection. All the pieces in Venturing Beyond begin with 3 or more sharps or flats.






Please take a moment to visit Nicole’s website here.  Venturing Beyond is available for your students to enjoy by purchasing on SheetMusicPlus.

Nicole has graciously offered all my readers a free copy of two pieces that she has written that did not quite make the collection. You can download Prelude in G and Waltz in F# minor at the links below.

Prelude in G-N.DiPaolo

Waltz in F#minor-N.DiPaolo

In addition Nicole is giving away one copy of Venturing Beyond to a lucky teacher! Thank you Nicole! To enter, please leave a comment below. Deadline to enter is by this Tuesday, July 29th, 10:00pm (AZ Mountain Standard). For an extra entry, follow me on TPT and just leave a comment that you follow.

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Supersonics Piano discount extended

Daniel McFarlane of Supersonics Piano just found out that the link to his newsletter on his website was broken this last week. So to make it up, he is extending the 15% discount. Use code: superfps when you make your order. The code is now good until next Friday, August 1st.

If you go to the website and scroll down to the footer of the page, you will see that you can sign up for the newsletter updates. (It should work now- if you have any problems, please let us know). When you do, you can receive free samples of music to try out. New releases are always discounted by 15% for the first 3 days after their release so it is worthwhile to be notified of updates!

Enjoy the music on  Supersonics Piano! A couple updates to watch out for… The 4th of August is the release date for Piano Maestro. And a new pack of 3 early-intermediate pieces (“Flowing Fantasies”) is available next Tuesday. If you missed the review for Supersonics Piano, you can read it here.