Post MTNA conference store wide sales

I’m back from MTNA conference and it’s hard to believe another one has passed by. One of my very favorite things about conference is connecting with and meeting teachers that I know online! I will be blogging about some classes, etc… over the next couple weeks. But for now it’s catch up time! I was reminded when my roomie asked me on the way home when I did my re-registration forms that I needed to get those done and out! (Mine are due back by May 1st) Thanks goodness she asked!

There are a few discounts going on right now, I thought I would pass them along.

1) I just noticed upon my returning from conference that I recently passed 400 followers on TpT! So I am celebrating and putting most of my store 20% off through the 31st! (not valid on bundles as they are already discounted) If you were eyeing anything, this is a great time to take advantage. Thank you so much for following!

2) Piano Pronto is having a storewide sale 20% off most everything when you use the code MTNA20 through Sunday, March 29th.

3) MusicTeacherStore is having a storewide sale 20% off everything through April 15th when you use the code: MTNA2015

(not valid on Teacher Starter Pack, Super Supplements Pack or Clearance Items)

4) Free shipping at Musical Moments through March 31st.

Also- Don’t forget to enter the Learning for Little Fingers Giveaway by this Saturday, March 28th!

Know any other sales going on right now? Share them in the comments as I’m sure I missed some!

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Celebrating MIOSM Week 4!

It’s the last week of celebrating Music in our Schools Month! I hope you have enjoyed the free e-books the last few weeks. Here is the last e-book on Melody’s! Thanks to Sara Bibee for being the editor and all the contributions from teachers. Just click the picture to download and remember to leave feedback for each download! Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.18.09 AMMissed the first 3 weeks? Click the links below…

Week 1: Rhythms  (my freebie is in this one!)

Week 2: Listening

Week 3: Instruments of the Orchestra

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Review: Learning for Little Fingers

Have you ever had a parent of a 3 year old ask if you could teach their child piano lessons? I know I have. While I do begin piano lesson with students as young as 4 years old there are a several requirements they need to be able to do before I will accept them as students. The two main things that I have required are 1) They must be able to recognize letters A-G and 2) They must be able to recognize numbers 1-5. This is mainly because of the materials I have used.

Well, now there is material that makes those two requirements unnecessary! Laura Brothers, creator of Learning for Little Fingers has developed a curriculum with those tiny fingers in mind. (3-5 years) Students set the pace in the books they use. It is recommended that they just work on one song a week, though some may be fine with two.

FullSizeRenderThe first book in the series is Tiny Fingers: Under the Sea. One thing that surprised me is all the pieces are on staff! But because the little one’s probably don’t recognize their alphabet and numbers quite yet, the note heads are actually animal heads that represent the notes on the staff. The thing I like best about this is it sets up for a beautiful transition into regular on staff note reading. Students will already be familiar with where the letters/notes belong on the staff when they transition over without the character heads.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 11.49.17 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 11.49.32 AM

In the first book, students will become familiar with the characters and where they belong on the lines and spaces. The cute character illustrations from the Learning for Little Fingers materials are designed by Claire Stamper. Meet the animals…

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 11.44.54 AM

Helpful technic tips are given in this book that apply specifically for these little learners. Rhythm is not touched on quite yet, except to keep a steady beat. Gaps that are seen in the measures can simply represent holds or rests. Teacher duets to help with steady beat and fun are available as well!

The second book is Tiny Fingers: Into the Jungle. Students are now introduced to rhythm but again, assuming they don’t recognize their numbers yet. Rhythm is introduced with syllabic pictures. “Biscuit” represents half notes/minim, “Cake” represents quarter notes/crotchet and “yummy” represents eighth notes/quavers.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 11.56.01 AMMy Monster Scales is a supplementary exercise book that is designed to be used alongside the Tiny Fingers Curriculum. “The purpose of this book is to help students develop control of individual fingers and can be used to illustrate and help students to recognize the patterns of moving up and down the staff.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 11.58.55 AM

There are quite a few games on the Learning for Little Fingers website that help reinforce what students are learning in the curriculum. “Rain, Rain Go Away” is a simple and quick matching game where students are adding “sun” over the “rainclouds” by matching the animals to their home on the keyboard.


IMG_4692You can find all the Learning for Little Fingers curriculum and supplements on their website here. And the Facebook page is great for teacher support!

Now when you are asked, “Can you teach my 3- year old how to play the piano?” The answer can be “YES! I have just the perfect curriculum to use with them!”

Not sure quite yet if this is something you want to try? Well, Laura understands that jumping into a brand new curriculum is a big decision, so she has made a free trial pack available to download. Everything you need to teach your first lesson including games! You can download the trial pack here.

All of the Tiny Fingers books are now available as physical books, as well as unlimited studio licensed digital downloads. The games in the Tiny Fingers curriculum are currently available as digital products but may be available as physical products in the future.

Laura has offered to give a very lucky teacher a digital copy of Under The Sea (the first book in the series) with an unlimited reproduction license! What is the youngest age you have taught in your studio? To enter, answer that question and any other comments you would like to make in the comments below. Deadline to enter is by Saturday, March 28th; 10:00pm MST.

Tech Tuesday: Guidebook app

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 2.35.06 PM

If you are going to MTNA conference, you will want to download the Guidebook app on your mobile device. It’s free and will give you access to the full schedule, information about presenters, tracks, exhibitors and conference maps. You can even customize your own schedule. Click here to download. Then search for 2015 MTNA National Conference and click to open. Easy and very handy!

See you soon!

Celebrating MIOSM Week 3!

It’s week 3 for Music in our Schools Month and you know what that means right? Another awesome and FREE e-book full of great downloads! This week the e-book is Instruments of the Orchestra. Thanks to Tracy King for being the editor for this book! And thank you to all the contributors! Don’t forget to leave kind feedback for the contributors in this e-book and the last two e-books. Click on the picture below to download your free e-book!

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.14.54 PM

Missed Week 1? Click here.

Missed Week 2? Click here.

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Las Vegas Tips

LVWho is going to MTNA conference? I am! Hope to see you there! I’m excited that conference is a 5-hour drive away. Since I’ve been to Las Vegas many times, I thought I would post some tips if you are looking for some things to do when the conference day is over. Las Vegas after all is a destination all on its own. There is a reason why they say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. I’m not a gambler so you are on your own for that…

1) If you walk the strip (which could be entertaining especially if you like to people watch), keep your head held high and ignore those slappers that are slapping junk in front of your face.

2) If you want to see any shows I highly recommend looking for the Tix4Tonight booths that are all over the strip. Not only can you get shows at a discount, but you can also get discounts at restaurants and buffets. You can find the Tix4Tonight locations here. They are legit, I’ve used them several times.

3) If you are not sure what show to see, the Cirque De Soleil shows are great, most are family friendly. I’ve seen Ka and Mystere. They were great! Still want to see ‘O’. Everytime I’m in Vegas they are on their off time. You can preview all of them here.

4)  Outside the Bellagio, the fountain shows are during the day are every 30 min. noon-7pm on weekends and 3-7pm on weekdays. Then every 15 min after 7pm. It’s neat at night as it lights up. Bellagio also has a free Botanical Conservatory in their lobby.

5) Caesars has a free fountain show in forum shops and “live statues” in forum shops area near fountains. There is also a 50,000-gallon saltwater aquarium in forum shops. (Fed by diver at 1:15 and 5:15 p.m.)

6) Circus Circus has a live, free trapeze and high wire acts every day each half-hour from 11am to midnight.

7) Downtown Freemont Street- Click here for the Freemont Experience. Free laser show starting at 8pm then hourly. Free live entertainment. There is also a zip line (not free).

8) Excalibur has a fun dinner show with Tournament of Kings (Renaissance Fair type program complete with joust; no silverware) We have done this a couple times. It’s fun for the whole family!

9) The Mirage has a free volcano show every hour from 7pm-midnight.

10) New York, New York has a roller coaster ride (not free)

11) Ride up the Eiffel tower at the Paris hotel (not free- but can be if you have a comp card)

12) Rio (the conference hotel) is known for the World Buffet. (My husbands favorite) They also have a good seafood buffet if you like seafood. By the way buffets USED to be cheap in Vegas, you will quickly find out that is no longer the case.

13) Speaking of Buffets- you may want to look into getting a “Buffet of Buffets” pass. Rio is one of the participants along with Paris (which has my favorite breakfast buffet- Le Village Buffet), Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, Harrah’s, Bally’s and the Lin Q. It’s 24 hour pass that will allow you to eat at any of the buffets as many times as you want at a substantial savings. (I think I just gained 10 lbs. reading this!) Even cheaper for Total Reward members if you want to sign up for that.

14) Sam’s Town (our favorite off the strip hotel) has a free laser, light and water show called Sunset Stampede”. Shown daily at 2:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

15) There are a several malls on the strip- Fashion Show Mall (across from Wynn’s hotel) and Miracle Mile Shops (Planet Hollywood) and the luxurious shops at Crystal at CityCenter. (down and across from the Bellagio)

16) The Venetian is a beautiful hotel to stop by and visit. It has living statues from noon-8pm. They have a neat shopping area and while you are there you can take a ride and be serenaded on a gondola (not free but fun to do).

I’m sure there are things I missed…

Since MTNA has several things going on at night teachers can take advantage of, you may not have time for any of these things. But if you are staying an extra day or so this will at least give you some ideas. Las Vegas can be very overwhelming. The last time I was there (last summer for another conference) I called it “stimulation on steroids”. You know yourself, if you like to be in on the action or enjoy people watching, go ahead and step out and enjoy. If not, just stick with the conference and you will be fine.

Easy as “Pi”

Do you know what today is? It’s “Pi” day (3/14)! Music teachers have gotten together and have chosen one of their products and lowered it to $3.14 for today only! I decided to lower my spring templates for the rhythm bump it game. This will be the lowest you will ever see it at more than half off! This includes templates you can use for March, April and May. Don’t want to use all of them this year? That’s okay, use March this year, April next year and May’s the year after. The May template can really be used anytime!

Rhythm bump It is a fun game where students will roll a dice and find the matching rhythm values to the number rolled. The goal is to bump the other players off the board and be the one standing. It’s quick enough to use it during a lesson and “easy as Pi”, just print and play. A favorite in my studio!

To find the spring templates (directions are included in the file), just click on the picture below. To find all the easy as “pi” deals, just search for “EasyasPiMusicFlashSale” on TpT! And don’t forget everything goes back to regular price tonight!


Need a fun game this week to celebrate for St. Patricks day? You may want to check out “Lucky Shamrock“. (click picture below)

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 8.24.49 AM

Lucky Shamrock is a “luck of the draw” game where they can name and define music symbols while collecting gold coins. There are “lucky” opportunities in the deck but watch out for the leprechaun hat!

Here is a quote from one teacher who used it with her students last week. “My students are LOVING this! Because I was in a hurry, I used green flat side marbles instead of the coins. I had them on hand. They worked like a charm for a quick fix.”

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