Tech Tuesday: Wolfie Piano Casual Hour for Teachers

Wolfie Teachers Hour

Starting this Thursday, 12 noon EDT, each (non-holiday) week, Nathan Smith will be holding a more “casual” webinar where teachers can ask questions about Wolfie and discuss ideas with one another.  It’s a great way for teachers who are new to Wolfie or never heard of it to ask questions, listen to others, and such. And for those who are familiar, can help answer questions, give advice, tips what has worked in their studio and more. To register click here. And to stay up to date on future webinars and such, like their Facebook page here.

New Wolfie Piano Webinar this Thursday!

Nathan Smith with Wolfie Piano is holding a free webinar, “How Wolfie Can Help Students Prepare for a Recital or Other Performane.” The webinar will be held this Thursday, November 12th 12pm EDT. If you can’t attend live, you will want to register anyway so you are notified of the replay. Click here to register. Not familiar with Wolfie Piano? Wolfie Piano a piano practice aid for students. Developed by the Tonora team, it is available in the app store. You can find my full review of Wolfie Piano here.

Tech Tuesday: The Piano Student; Music Resource Directory


Many of you know about which is a great resource of musical goodies for both students and teachers. I recently had the opportunity to write an article for Andy Fling in his newsletter. So if you subscribe, you might have received it yesterday in your inbox. If you missed it, you may also be interested in a new website he has called, The Piano Student. The Piano Student Blog is a free music directory that will continue to grow as time passes. The link to my article, Sparking Creativity with Your Piano Students is also available to read there. Andy […]

Tech Tuesday: NEW! About Page


I thought I would feature my new “about” page for Tech Tuesday today. I realized I really didn’t have an official “about” page on my site so I just added one! Whether you are a long time reader or brand new to FPSResources, please take a moment and visit this page.    

Tech Tuesday: A Guide to Web Presence for Creatives

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 4.00.38 PM

Bryn Sowash, founder of Skitterbug has created a free guide to help you, a creative, build a web presence. Bryn was a huge help to me when I wanted to re-design and update my blog this last year. She was wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend her. Her company, Skitterbug caters to professional artists like you and me. Anything from administration, social media, web design, event coordination and much more, Skitterbug can help. In this 21-page guide you will find helpful tips for your website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others), blogging and newsletter. So how do you get […]

Tech Tuesday: The Insider’s Guide to JoyTunes’ Piano Maestro

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.23.47 PM

  Never oh never have I laughed so much when reading a guidebook. From the very beginning, to the very end, Becki Laurent will keep you smiling and laughing as she shares the ins and outs of Piano Maestro with “The Insider’s Guide to JoyTune’s Piano Maestro.” Becki doesn’t miss a beat in this guide. Whether you are new to Piano Maestro or a Novice, this guide is great to have on hand so when something happens that you are unsure what to do (chances it will be something technical technical), the answer is most likely in this book at just […]

Tech Tuesday: Wolfie


I finally had a chance to explore the Wolfie app created by the Tonora team. I first saw this app in action at MTNA conference but must confess that I didn’t look at it very closely. The official name of the app is “Piano Practice with Wolfie”. Wolfie encourages students to use this app to help aid them in their practice. And here is how it does… The Magic Cursor: The Magic cursor follows students as they play, which is great because it not only keeps you on track but it even turns the page for you when it’s time. Now I tried this […]