Tech Tuesday: Aurasma


I wanted to feature the app that is a BIG part of The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest program for our Tech Tuesday. Aurasma is a free augmented reality app and is available on iOS devices and Android devices. Think Harry Potter technology! First  you will want to be familiar with the following words: Augmented Reality: Making something come to life Aura: The ‘magic’ thing that pops up when you hold your device over something. Trigger Image: The picture or video you want to link to for the aura to come to life. Overlay: The thing you will apply on top of the trigger […]

Tech Tuesday: Social Media for Musicians

Social Media for Musicians

Colin Thomson of The Modern Musician Show has been developing training on social media for musicians. These will be video courses, interviews with experts, etc… Because the course is not complete quite YET, he is offering a SUPER deal for early adopters. And I must say it is a fantastic deal as he slashed his early adapter price in half for today only! So if you are thinking these courses would be helpful, today is the day to jump in. In the course you will find helpful training on:   Instagram FaceBook YouTube Twitter Pinterest Periscope etc… You can find out […]

Tech Tuesday: The Modern Musician Show

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.33.11 AM

Colin Thomson, creator of Sight-Reading Academy has created a fabulous new podcast show called “The Modern Musician Show with Colin Thomson“. Colin says, “I interview the best of the best, both musicians as well as “outsiders” to the music industry, to find out what musicians everywhere can and should be doing to lead fulfilling and financially successful careers in music today.” Three days a week Colin will be finding out from his guests some steps and tips that will help musicians grow online and offline. I recently had the privilege to be one of Colin’s guest. The podcast will be available to listen to tomorrow so be sure […]

Tech Tuesday: NinGenius Music iOS app


There is a fairly new music app in the app store and it is a lot of fun! If you have any students that enjoy the martial arts, this will most likely be a favorite. NinGenius has 3 different purchase options to choose from. The Student edition ($2.99) is for individual students learning one instrument. Scores will only be tracked for that student. The Studio edition ($9.99) will allow the teacher to put unlimited students under one instrument. And the School edition ($17.99) will allow unlimited students under unlimited instruments. (This is great if you have a studio or classroom that teachers […]

Tech Tuesday Review: My Music Staff

My Music Staff is a web-based resource you can use on whatever device  you have. Just log into your account online wherever you are and manage your studio. My Music Staff is super easy to set up. Simply input your students and family details (you can do this by importing your contacts if you wish) to set up their account. Have multiple teachers in your studio? No problem, My Music Staff makes managing easy for you too. Once that is done you will be able to include and access attendance notes, practice log, repertoire and email history. Next you can schedule […]

Tech Tuesday: Guidebook app

If you are going to MTNA conference, you will want to download the Guidebook app on your mobile device. It’s free and will give you access to the full schedule, information about presenters, tracks, exhibitors and conference maps. You can even customize your own schedule. Click here to download. Then search for 2015 MTNA National Conference and click to open. Easy and very handy! See you soon!

Tech Tuesday: Dragon Scales

Speaking of Dragons (if you saw my post earlier today, you will know what I’m talking about)…  Dragon Scales, an iOS app for the iPad is on sale 40% off for the month of March. Dragon Scales is a fun way for students to review their scales. Students begin by playing the scale on the iPad keyboard. The goal is to play it up and down correctly before the dragon gets the knight. (Warning: sometimes boys like it when this happens) There are several speeds and game length options to choose from. So if a student is just learning a new scale they […]